They Won’t Pay Attention to You Unless….

What gives you the right to think that someone has to get back to you?  It’s frustrating as all hell isn’t it?  And on the flip side isn’t it annoying when someone keeps trying to get in touch with you?  Could be a sales person.  Could be just someone you don’t really feel like talking to.  But I’m going to try and narrow this one down for the purposes of this article.  I want to focus on those people you are seeking out.  The ones that are ahead of you.  The ones that you want the attention of.  The ones whose success you want to have.   More times than not, those are the hardest people in the entire world to get in touch with.  For one thing, they, like you, don’t feel like being bombarded with people trying to get a hold of their time, which as successful people, they hold more valuable than anything else.  Second?  Their attention is elsewhere.  They’re too busy in their own shit to be giving you the time of day.  It’s the cold, hard truth.  And when I say busy in their own shit, it doesn’t mean they have back to back meetings all day.  Hell they could literally be doing nothing, but that “nothing” might be very important to them.  These are people that know how to prioritize their time so in order for them to give you their time they have to prioritize you.  So how do you get from being the person who’s always trying to contact someone, to the one who has easy access?  There are three ways that I know of.

1. You can provide them something they don’t have and need

Put yourself in the position of someone who is in high demand.  Someone who is extremely busy.  Someone who has to pick and choose exactly how they spend their time.  P.S. you should be this person anyway (and if you’re not, start working towards it).  Why in the world would you ever spend your time talking to a person who has told you thinks you already know?  A person who’s just trying to “get to know” you?  Are you wasting your time with this crap?  Hell no.   That’s why I ignore the “let’s get to know each other” stuff.  I think that kind of sales tactic to be awful.  Bottom line is simple.  If I don’t know a person and they’re trying to get my attention?  It’s simply not going to happen unless they have something that I want and don’t have.  That can be something I need to learn, purchase, or even a service that can be provided.  But if someone doesn’t have a certain something that I need, there’s little to no chance I’m going to pay attention to them.  And the reason isn’t personal.  It’s not out of spite or anything like that.  It’s just time management.  I prefer to fill my time with things that are useful to me.  Most successful people are this way.  The quicker you understand this, the better.

2. You reach their level (so good they can’t ignore you)

When it comes to success (and I’m only referring to success), the majority of people who have achieved a certain level of achievement like to align themselves with others who have achieved either the same levels or are way ahead of them.  So if you’re not at their level, the chances they want to talk to you about anything you think you can help them with when it comes to their lines of success are minimal at best.  This usually applies to life as well.  People like to be around those with similar interests, styles, cultures, etc etc.  So if you’re trying to have one of those “get to know you” talks with someone who is light years ahead of you success-wise, it’s not going to happen.  Remember, it’s still about value.  It’s still about providing something to a person they don’t have but need.  Whether you like it or not, the people who are ahead of you in the success game won’t think you have anything to offer unless you’re at or above their level.  Be patient.  Am I saying that there aren’t nice successful people out there who will give you their time?  Certainly not.  They exist.  And perhaps you’ll catch them on the right day.  I’m simply saying your chances of talking to these people in that circumstance versus one where you are at their level are drastically different.

3. You pay them

Nothing gets the attention of people like good old fashioned money.  I’ve done this numerous times in my life.  I’ll share the latest example.   For a few weeks on TikTok I was following this guy who impressed me.  He’s only 25 years old and is a millionaire from being an Amazon FBA seller.   That means he creates his own private labels and sells his products through Amazon’s fulfillment centers.  He gets is products from China, ships them here and off he goes.  I’m a huge fan of the videos he puts on TikTok. But I also knew that he had a course.  How did I get his attention?  By reaching out to him on TikTok and telling him I wanted to buy his course.  What did I do?  I bought his course which was $5,000.  Ultimately I decided not to start my own FBA business.  However, I now have the guy’s phone number and we text a few times a week talking about stuff we’re doing.  In my eyes that was 5 grand well spent.  I now have another millionaire in my network not to mention I took the course and now have the skill to start my own Amazon business if I wanted to.

Remember, it’s nothing personal

It’s worth repeating that the majority of times that people who you are pursuing don’t get back to you isn’t personal.  It’s because they literally don’t care about getting back to you.  They don’t care because they aren’t aware of any value you bring to them.  That value needs to come in the form of money, information, or services.  Good luck out there.

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