The Luxury of Not Having to do What You Don’t Want


There aren’t many people in life who have the luxury of not having to do what they don’t want.  It’s something that as an entrepreneur I do not take for granted.  For example, I stopped doing one-on-one coaching.  Why did I stop doing it?  Because it was too much responsibility.  I didn’t like having to be on scheduled calls.  I didn’t like the intensity of each call.  It took a lot out of me.  And in the end it took away from my creative side when posting content to social media.  It felt more like a burden than it did a positive.  It was a 6 figure income stream that I just up and stopped within the blink of an eye.  When I look back on it I realize that not many people have the luxury to simply throw away a 100K+ income stream.  But I will say this: We should all strive to have that luxury.  It’s taken me 15 years to have that luxury and I sure as hell don’t take it for granted.  And those that I know who are in this position as well?  Most of them don’t take it for granted either.  In fact, below, I wanted to share an actual screen shot of a Skype conversation I had with a buddy of mine just this week:

1:56 PM – How often do you do consult calls?
Jon, 1:56 PM- never
1:56 PM – Would you?
Jon, 1:56 PM – I get asked all the time and decline. Nope
1:56 PM – Wow
Jon, 1:57 PM – Hate them
1:57 PM – Nice
Jon, 1:57 PM – I’ve been offered $1K per hour, not interested
1:57 PM – I was debating starting something called “This Call Wil Change Your Life”
Jon, 1:57 PM – Don’t man. It’s hell
1:57 PM -and doing a $500 hour long call. I know, it’s why I stopped coaching
Jon, 1:57 PM – Not worth $10K
I dreaded every day I had something scheduled. Ruined my life
1:58 PM – Hahaha
Jon, 1:58 PM – So I will not do them
1:58 PM – Trust me dude, it’s why I stopped coaching, which in turn lead me to stop doing the videos, which lead me to feeling that incredible void. I still think the logical step is speaking, charge 5 grand for that
Jon, 1:59 PM – I won’t do that either. Even worse
1:59 PM – Why worse?
Jon, 1:59 PM – have to prepare
1:59 PM – well, I have my $150 course, just noodling around other shit
Jon, 2:01 PM – I’m not into any of that stuff. I do schedule calls here and there but that’s if I want to learn something.
2:01 PM – I hear ya, there was one thing I really liked, consulting, I only did it once but it was awesome, I went to a company once a week for 2 hours over 2 months and got paid 6 grand, it turned into a job I hated, but the consulting was awesome
Jon, 2:04 PM – one big problem with all of that is you get paid upfront. I’m not really motivated to keep working for someone after I have the $$, but doing work without payment up front is idiotic
2:04 PM – Nice catch 22
Jon, 2:07 PM – I’ve even noticed it selling email ads. I sell usually in big batches of $1K to $3K. Once I have the money, I hate having to take the 5 minutes adding them to newsletters. I know it sounds insane but that’s the way it is so I may stop selling email ads even though it’s $3K+ per month for less than 30 minutes of work. It’s another obligation that hangs over me like a big dark cloud.
2:07 PM
You know who you are, that’s all that matters. – We have the luxury of not having to do what we don’t want. Once it’s identified cutting it off isn’t too hard
Jon, 2:08 PM – Exactly. I don’t really like changing my routine for less than $10K
2:08 PM – makes perfect sense

Zero Compromises

This is a guy that absolutely knows who he is and what he wants.  This particular person has two monster pet peeves and no matter how many times I try to get him to bend on it, he won’t.  The first one is that he’ll never take on a business partner.  The second?  Stuff like speaking, in person events, consulting, etc etc are all off the table for him no matter what and no matter how high the price might be.  His reasons? Simple.  He had a business partner before and hated it.  With regards to the speaking?  He just doesn’t find it to be a useful block of time, ever.  He takes his work seriously therefore he knows that there would be tons of prep time involved.  He’s also similar to me in that he doesn’t love the intensity of speaking to people and how much it can take out of you.

So what has he done?  He’s completely eliminated those two things in his life which in essence frees himself up to do the things he does like.  He loves building websites.  He loves having passive income streams.  He loves having a flexible schedule.  Those are all non-negotiables for him.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be a luxury

The more I’m writing this, the more I’m starting to think to myself, “does it even have to be a luxury?”  It depends on how far you take it.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say someone lives in New York which is super expensive.  Let’s say they are annoyed at how small their house is.  Let’s say they’re in a pretty cushy job that pays pretty well.  But for the life of them they’ve always wanted a bigger house.  What are their options?

Well, it depends on just how bad they want it and what they’re willing to do.  Let’s say they want a bigger house right now but can’t afford it.  Does that mean it’s off the table?  Absolutely not.  It just depends on how far they’re willing to go.  Would they be willing to move to another state?  Would they be willing to look for a new job or explore different locations of their current job?  What sacrifices would they be willing to make? Would they be willing to take on a second job to make more money to save up for a bigger space?

There’s always room to live how you want

This is one of the things I don’t think people understand.  In any walk of life, if you’re willing to make the right sacrifices you can live the life you want at that very moment in time.  No, you might not drive the Ferrari or live in the mansion, but ultimately those aren’t really the “wants” people truly desire.  Most people want more times in their lives.  Most people want more flexibility.  Most people want more space.  Most people want better relationships.  All of those things can be achieved without compromising too much.  But the more you want it, perhaps the more you have to be willing to compromise things that are luxuries to you now.

Does any of this make sense?


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