30 Day Productivity Challenge

In 30 days, you’ll be more productive than ever. A short 5-minute video/day, follow the steps, and see your productivity grow!

“As a nomad solopreneur always on the move, I used to struggle getting things done. After joining Nat's 30-Day Productivity Challenge, I was not only able to transform my life, but achieve more in 24h than I ever thought possible."
Gabe Marusca
Gabe Marusca
The Nomad Solopreneur

My Story

I never wanted a boss or to commute. I had a problem with authority and always wanted to do my own thing. In 2007 I found a blogging platform that changed my career and life forever. Six months later, I quit my job and never looked back.
Today, I have a portfolio of 25 sites that reach millions of visitors each month. I’ve never taken any investment capital and have worked with thousands of people. It’s been a consistent 7 figure business for over a decade.
Nowadays, I have a flexible schedule that lets me pursue my interests and spend time with my family.
This allows me to teach businesses and individuals how to get exactly where they want to go by following a simple, 3 step framework.  
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How does it work?

Join The Challenge

As obvious as it might sound, you'll have to to take action. What are you waiting for?

One Video Per Day

Each day you'll get access to a short video of around 5 minutes. Consistency is key!

Follow the Steps

Each video provides practical steps you'll have to take to complete the challenge.

Free Up Your Life in 30 Days​

Unlock superior productivity in just 30 days! A short 5 minute video/day, follow the steps, and see your productivity grow!

Got Questions? I got answers!

Struggling to focus? Do you procrastinate a lot? Join only if you want to be more productive than you've ever been in only 30 days. 

This may or may not work for you. That's reality. Much of this is going to be on you. What I can tell you is this: If you actually follow the steps, the likelihood of this working is extremely high. You will be in a better place than when you began this course. If you do not follow the steps then you will likely be in the same place you were before you began. And frankly you will have wasted your time. Ultimately the decision is yours.

If you do something hard enough for 30 days, hopefully it can become part of you and something you can lean on to get things done. 

About 5 minutes to watch the video and as much as you need to think about what you've learned and put it into action.  Most people can triple their output with this advice.

Teachable is the platform where I host the video course. It allows me to release one challenge a day, both on the platform and to your email.